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Moka Pot

We started Moka Pot with a simple idea, to open a place to treat you with our scrumptious baked goods for breakfast, lunch and coffee which make you feel great.Our food is inspired from Sicily and England with ingredient we are proud to use.

Our original creations and signature products are sure to exceed all your expectation.

Our speciality coffee is sourced from farms and is expertly made by our skilled and passionate baristas. Flavio, Giuseppe & Nathan are united by a love great food and great coffee with a commitment to our community and we plan on continuing this amazing journay for years to come. 

We welcome you to come on in and have a bite.






Our product is our passion.

We believe in making good food inspired from Italy & England, as we've grown, so our menu' was created, yet our values have stayed the same like Italy & UK.

We take the time to make our bread, pizza, pastries, cakes, breakfast and lunches as we always have with care and love, to delivery the best product according to season.

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